Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Marathon Bombings

Update April 19, 2013 10:33am, South Texas:

Late night Wednesday April 18, 2013, Boston Police went on a pursuit against what is believed to be 2 wanted suspects just outside of Boston. Suspect No. 1 is Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and Suspect No. 2 is Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19. A late night chase between the suspects and police has left one of the suspects dead 26 year old Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Suspect No. 2 is currently on the run. Getting my information live from a police scanner it appears as if they have detained a 60 yearl old man and is currently on the ground by police officers belived to have some sort of explosive device under his brown jacket and some type of switch on his hand. They have not said if this person is of interest to the bombings, but after he is cleared of any explosives they will find a secure place to detain him for questioning. Police have lockdown a 20 block perimeter to be cautious. Suspect No.2 is still on the run. A Massachusetts Police State Spokeperson has just told reporters the 60 year old man is of no connection to the bombings. The uncle of the two men is urging his nephew to turn himself in. He stated that the last time he had contact with his nephews was 4 years ago.
The chase began at approximately 10:20 p.m. Thursday when police said the bombing suspects robbed a 7-Eleven store in Cambridge. Minutes later, police said, the men shot and killed an MIT campus officer responding to the robbery call. The terror suspects then carjacked a Mercedes-Benz with the driver inside and fled, eventually letting  the driver go. They were then spotted in Watertown where they exchanged dozens of rounds of gunfire with patrol officers. It has been confirmed they are from Russia and have been living in the states since 2001.
 It is only appropriate that I show my condolences to those whose lives were taken short and all those who are and where injured during this devastating time, by no other way than blogging about it. Life is not easy and we might never understand it, but it's tragic situations like this that only makes our country stronger. To be prepared when situations arise like the one we experienced in Boston or like 9/11 to demonstrate how we, our country reply's to evil. I would really like to thank and show my respect to the first responders, volunteers, the Boston Police, Physicians, and everyone else on how they reacted to the situation. No one hesitated to go and help the injured. That only shows how strong we are. Below are some graphic pictures of the aftermath of the bombings and you're to look at them at your own discretion. I will provide updates as the investigation unfolds before our eyes.


On Monday, April 15, 2013 at about 2:50pm the first blast happened near the intersection of Boylston and Exeter streets. Shortly after a second blast shook the JFK Library. Two more explosives were found near the area and where dismantled accordingly. The explosion took the lives of 3 people, while 13 other have been hospitalized out of 176 injured up to now.

Two have already been identified this Tuesday afternoon. Among those 3 was 8 year old Martin Richard who was making his way to his family while buying some ice cream. His family was also injured in the bombings and are still recovering. His mother underwent brain surgery while his 6 year old sister lost a leg as a result. Martin can be seen on the right picture displaying a sign that reads " No more hurting people." The second victim has been identified as a Chinese graduate student, Krystle Campbell. She was 29 years old who attended the Boston Marathon every year to cheer runners on and can be seen in the picture left picture above. The third victim has not yet been identified.

The FBI has not yet discovered a motive to the bombings and have no suspects at the moment. The case is considered wide open and they are appealing to the public for any tips, pictures, and videos that may shed some light on this horrific attack. Someone out there knows or must have seen something or someone. It is just a matter of them picking up that phone and calling (800)-494- TIPS to shed some light on the situation. On a press conference held Tuesday the FBI officials stated  that " At this time there are no claims of responsibility."

Details on how the attack unfolded are slowly starting to emerge. Officials have determined that the bombs where placed in a black nylon bag or backpack and where made out of pressure cookers. Officials are asking anyone that may have seen anyone carrying a black bag near the scene of the explosions to come forward. At this time it's still unclear whether the bombs where homegrown or a foreign threat. President Obama was careful as he made his speech to not use the words terrorism, but are not leaving any query behind and the situation is being considered as an act of terror. The Pakistan Taliban who have made previous threats to the United States denied any playing any role in the bombings, but the case will remain a worldwide investigation till they find the person/s held responsible for this cruel act. Below we can see a picture of what a pressure cooker bomb may look like and we can also see what officials have recovered from the scene.

A cooker Bomb

The bombs appeared to have contained tiny nail or brads and metal ball bearings. Officials have found pieces of an electric circuit board that is believed is what detonated the devices. Officials themselves are not saying much on the devices itself. If anybody has any type of lead that may lead to resolving this issue please don't hesitate to contact the TIPS HOTLINE. We must work together to try and solve this matter quickly and bring justice to those who have suffered during this tragic incident. 
I will keep those injured and their family's in my prayers and hope that we may bring justice to them soon. I will keep updating my post as new details emerge.

Anybody is welcome to leave a comment as they please. Bad comments or racial comments will not be accepted. Please have some sympathy for our citizens. God be with us.

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