Friday, December 28, 2012

The Boy In The Box (America's Unknown Child)

My most recent posts are going to be about cold cases that not the police, but America has forgotten. I want to remind anyone about cases that have gone unsolved for decades, maybe someone now might remember something or has any kind of lead to solving this crimes. We as one nation need to come together and help investigators solve this horrifying crimes and bring justice to the innocent lives taken away.  



The Boy In The Box
Date:  February 25, 1957
Victim:  Unidentified
Age:  Approximately 4 to 6 years old
Location Then secluded Fox Chase area in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Summary: On February 25, 1957 and unidentified body of a boy approximately 4 to 6 years old was found naked and battered in cardboard box in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The boy was described as having blue eyes, fair complexion and medium to light brown, crudely cut hair.  His nails were noted as being neatly trimmed.  He had deep bruises covering much of the his body and face and experts speculate that due to the cold weather, the child may have been lying in that box between 2-3 days to 2 to 3 weeks.

* The boys hair was crudely cut and located throughout his
   body, indicating it was cut while he was
   deceased and naked or immediately before he died.
* His hands and feet were wrinkled indicating they were
   submerged in water for an extended time just
   before or after he died.
* The child may have had a chronic eye ailment
* He had not eaten 2-3 hours before death.
* The faded cheap flannel blanket he was wrapped in was made in either North Carolina      or              
   Quebec, Canada.  It was also massed produced and shipped to multiple locations.
* His esophagus contained a dark, brown residue, possibly indicating he vomited shortly before death.
* He was severely malnourished.
* Cause of death was multiple blows to the head


Finding Americas Unknown Child

The Box
The first person to have discovered the boy was a young man checking on his traps in the secluded Fox Chase area. He discovered the boy wrapped in a blanket inside a cardboard box which once had a baby's bassinet in it. Upon his discovery the man decided he would not contact the police fearing they would confiscate his traps which were illegal. Excuse me, but what kind of sick man would care more about some traps than the life of a young boy! 2 days later a second person discovered the body a college student  known as  Frederick Benosis. Like the first person he too hesitated to contact police, because he was in the area spying on young women at the Good Shepherd School and was worried about telling the police why he was there. He reported his finding the following day.

Theory's Of What Happened

Like many other cases who have become unsolved several theories come up to ones head. 
Theory #1:
The Foster Family Home
The first theory involves a foster home located approximately 1.5 miles from the discovery site. In 1960, Remington Bristow an employee at the medical examiners office who pursued the case until his death in 1993, contacted a New Jersey psychic who gave him a description of a house which matched the foster home. When she was brought to Philadelphia she led investigators to the foster home without ever being to the site. Bristow attended an estate sale at the foster home and discovered a bassinet similar to the one the box once held. He also discovered blankets hanging on the clothesline similar to the one the boy was wrapped in. Bristow came to believe the child belonged to the stepdaughter of the man who ran the foster home, Arthur Nicoletti. Besides all the circumstantial evidence investigators were unable to find a concrete link between the boy and the family. In 1998, police lieutenant Tom Augustine, who is in charge of the investigation along with several other members of the police department interviewed the foster father and the daughter. They denied taking lie detector tests, but were quickly dismissed as suspects when DNA evidence revealed she was not the boys mother. 

Theory #2:

Discovery Site
The second theory was brought forward in February of 2002, the strongest lead yet. When a business woman know just by the name of "M" from Cincinnati, Ohio. She claimed that her abusive mother purchased the unknown boy, named "Jonathan", from his birth parents in the summer of 1954. The youngster was subjected to extreme physical and sexual abuse for two and a half years, then killed in a fit of rage by slamming him to the floor after he vomited in the bathtub. "M"'s mother then cut the boy's long hair, and dumped the boy's body in the then-secluded Fox Chase area. "M" went on to say that as they were preparing to remove the boy's body from the trunk a passing male motorist pulled alongside to inquire whether they needed assistance. As the pair ignored the Samaritan, while being careful to obstruct their own car's license plate from his view, the man eventually drove off. This story corroborated confidential testimony given by a male witness in 1957, which alleged the body was placed in a box previously discarded at the scene.  However, after six months of attempting to corroborate her story, it was determined that “M” had a history of mental problems and none of the information she passed could be proven.


Burial For Him

His Old Tombstone

The boy was buried in a potters field next to Mechanicsville and Dunks Ferry Rd, the tombstone simply read “Heavenly Father, Bless This Unknown Boy”. The boy’s body was exhumed in 1998 and mitochondrial DNA was extracted from his tooth.  Efforts are currently underway to link this child to a relative by scanning it through  a database.  However, the mitochondrial DNA sequence is too small to produce a conclusive match with anyone. On 11 November 1998, the boy was reburied in a donated coffin at the Ivy Hill cemetery and a website was launched to keep this boy’s memory alive and to help generate new leads.
His new Tombstone
It's highly possible the murder/s of this young boy may have passed away already, but hope still remains as Court TV, 48 Hours and America’s Most Wanted have featured this case on recent episodes.  Perhaps the lead everyone has been waiting for will present itself. Therefore, the case remains open. Anyone with any possible lead is to solving this crime is persuaded to contact police or the FBI.


  1. The mystery can be solved if the government would stop changing the information online to fit they're senerio ! True info was given to the FBI in 1997 and to George bush in 2006,and to Dianna Feinstein,they know,they just don't want the truth to be known,cause it is classified info.

    1. I believe it. Did the same person give this information to all 3 parties? Who was it? Can their name or the information they gave be found anywhere that you know of?

  2. I think that the house that "M" 's mother went to get the boy Jonathan from is the foster home, and it was the owner and his foster daughter that she purchased the boy from. The so called witness who said the box was already in the field was lying to cover up the murder. The box was given to "M's mother by the Owners fof the foster home to dispose of the body along with one of their blankets. They had something to do with the murder. It is too much of a coindence that they had a bassinette without a box and blankets of the same kind that the boy was put into. Also it fits with what the psychic had told the police leading to the house so close to where the boy was found

  3. There are many gifted psychics out there that the police could hire to go to the Foster home and the discovery site where the boy was found and see what they can come up with. At least they would have some sort of an insight with the case having been left at a stand still. The poor defenseless little boy deserves justice as do so many others out there who have died because no one heard their cries for help.

  4. Thank you guys for your comments. I agree with each one of you. Also please see my new blog and if you would like for me to blog of a particular case let me know. I really like unsolved cases that way we the people get to put our opinions out there.

  5. Sounds to me as if "M" had a little too much information, regardless of mental stability. Sadly, it will probably always be written off when it was something of substance.

  6. I am in search of William H. Kelly's, Susuehanna Road. This is the only book dealing with the unsolved case I don't have/can't find. The book is listed as being out of publication, however I was hoping either yourself or a viewer of your sight might be interested in getting rid of their copy. Please contact me at Thank You!

  7. The anonymous poster who said that they think the 2 leads were connected ("M"s mother buying the boy from the foster house) has a good theory. That would make a lot of sense to me. I know there are terrible people out there who are willing to sell their child, but I'm sure a foster home, would have an easier time, there fore be more likely to do so, because they didn't feel a maternal/paternal attachment to the child in any way, and because the child most likely would not be linked to them by any birth records etc. I had a slightly different theory derived off the one anon posted; I was thinking that m's mother bought the boy from the foster home, but I don't think that the foster home was involved in/knew about the murder. It seems much less likely that ms mom would've gone back to the home she bought the boy from saying that she'd accidentally killed him and asking for a box and blanket to dispose of him with, or that they sold the child to her for the purpose of being killed, and had given her those items at that time. I don't really know why they would've given her the box. Perhaps they gave her that to carry some of the boys clothes/belongings? Or perhaps them having a bassinet was just a coincidence. It wouldn't be that unlikely, as they had young children/babies at the home, and I don't see why they would've just a plain old cardboard box for the bassinet, really. Would've been helpful if they could find out what brand the bassinet was, and if it matched the brand on the box. I maybe can see them giving her a blanket for him, though. And as for the stranger who stopped while they were trying to dispose of his body, I don't think he was trying to cover up the crime. My theory is that they saw him pull up as they were unloading the box from the trunk (the box being out of view at this point, of the stranger) and to him it probably looked like they were knelt down trying to take a look at their car which may be why he asked if they needed help. By the time he got out, the box was already on the ground, so it appeared as if it was already there. I think that's the reason the killer(s) were acting like it mentioned in the article above, trying to cover their license plate and what not- because at this point, it must've become apparent to the stranger that they were doing something shady, since they said their car wasn't broken down and they didn't need help. I feel like if the box was still in the car they wouldn't have felt worried, and acted like that, which probably actually just made it seem more suspicious, because the box would've been out of sight of the stranger, where they wouldn't have to worry about him possibly seeing what was inside. Just a theory though, but that seems very plausible to me.

    1. The only thing I can hope is they do the DNA again with the latest advancements and guess what? Someone somewhere will know what happened. When they go to hell for abusing this poor little boy. It reminds me of the poor children who were murdered by their uncle for their mum because they were zombies. Joshua and Tylee with Lori Vallow the sick evil cow. Look how she did this in plain site. It's easier to solve now so in the 50's those bastards would have gotten away with it. Well the people involved can burn in hell now. That's something

  8. I believe the home foster parents is responsible

  9. I don't think m lady did it she would put herself in the spot and go to jail . since the found a bassinett similar blankets in that foster home they did it, since the boy threw up and it takes job to clean it the crazy lady took it on the little boy. the investigator should of taken prints from foster parents and finger prints found in childs findings

  10. im surprise that nobody came to claim this boy, so that tells me that this boy was bought maybe from a different state and that why nobody claim this boy. Im thinking maybe the mother of this lady that gave birth did not know about the pregnancy

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  13. I thought I was commenting on the lost boy of America dude! Not herpes usually if you get cold sores around your mouth you don't get genital herpes.