Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mysteries we might never understand

I want to explain that I'm not just fascinated by mysteries, ghosts, paranormal activity,etc. I'm obsessed with the topic. Since, I was small I asked questions about everything. " Why, When, How, Where?" When I got an answer back there always had to be proof to justify it. Once it was proved I was ok with it. The problem was when I didn't get an answer or there wasn't any proof. I became obsessed with every situation asking myself, " Why did it happen?" Why was it unsolved?" and " Why was it a mystery?"
A Life Full Of Mysteries
All of this goes back in time since I can remember. You see, I'm full of mysteries myself. I tend to sleepwalk, I rock myself at night while sleeping, and I could stare at you while I'm sleeping I never knew why I did it and the majority of the time I was unaware. A simple answer that many choose to believe is horror movies. I love horror movies and anything to do with the words: scary, suspense, thriller. I'm the kind of girl that doesn't care. If I know something is scary even though I'm frightened to my pants I go. Another reason might just be that my mother used to praise the St.Death. I hate it in my opinion and everything about it. Every time I saw something related to it I would either rip it or destroy it, that's just me.

What Was An Obsession Became a Research
For hundreds of years there has been unusual sightings of so called " aliens " that came to be know as extraterrestrial life. There has been reports of unusual behavior of moving things that we call paranormal activity. All this reports and sightings always lead to one answer: It's a mystery.
Something To Consider
Will we ever know 100% if it's real? No, unless your one of the persons who has experienced it. Will we ever know why it happens? Probably, not. Should we believe? The answer my friends is yours, but if you choose to believe or the contrary it doesn't change the fact that this reports are going to stop.
What I Choose To Believe
It is really simple the reports are coming in for a reason. It's not just here or there it everywhere. All over the world. I choose to believe and take part of the real action. I have set out to uncover the truth about every hinch I get. Although I can't say if I ever will. I can say I will certainly try. It will be hard, but that's what a mystery is all about don't you think. Please stay tuned to my upcoming stories and a family that vanished that I can't stop researching. Subscribe .

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